Review: Hitch 22 by Christopher Hitchens

“I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.”
― Christopher Hitchens

I started to read Larry Taunton’s book, “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens” and he begins the book by painting a picture based on “Hitch 22”, Christopher Hitchens’ autobiography. Having read “Hitch 22” when it first came out I was struck how the impressions that Taunton was getting and the seemed importance he was assigning to them were not jibbing with my recollections so I decided to re-read Hitchens’ book.

Aside from the pedestrian account of his upbringing which will interest Hitchens’ fans, both friend and foe alike will be interested in his narration of his move from the ‘Left’ to the ‘Right’ as he witnessed the events in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Cuba, and the Middle East unfolding. As I write this a secular revolution is happening in Iran. The youth are taking to the streets, demonstrating against the Mullahs, burning Korans and Hijabs and demanding democratic elections, in short demanding a secular government and society that affirms the preeminence of the secular values espoused by Paine, Jefferson and Madison. These are the same ideas that motivated our revolution here in America, the only revolution still standing in the world. These are the same ideals that inspired the countries of Eastern Europe to tear down the Berlin wall and the Iron Curtain and are now inspiring the young in Iran. Unfortunately it appears the United States has turned it’s back on the world and the ideals it once stood for and exported around the world and has embraced nationalism and populism. I fear our revolution and the nascent one in Iran may be in grave jeopardy and I’d like to think Hitchens would feel the same way.

Now on to Larry Taunton’s book……..

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